Frequently Asked Questions about virtual servers

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What this service does?

We provide servers, so you can run your software or services, like web, mail, CRM, gaming or development servers. Special kind of servers: cloud virtual private servers, with most popular software tuned for production use.

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What is the main difference between cloud and physical server?

Cloud servers are fault tolerant to main hardware errors, like disk or power supply failure. You can change server\'s resources in couple of minutes and pay for only what you need.

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Main difference between cloud server and shared hosting?

Cloud servers are private in contrary to "shared" and they are much, much more robust as well as have guaranteed resources.

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Included software - does it costs additionaly something?

No, it does not. Our servers contains most popular free and open source packages.

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What the word "cloud" means?

The word "cloud" is used to denote software, server and data center infrastructure orchestration system, which allows to deliver "virtual servers", known also "Platform as a Service".

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Can I remove or add more software to the server?

Sure. It just comes with the preinstalled packages and preconfigured OS parameters for common workloads. You can do whatever you need to do in the OS.

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