Data center services

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Data center

We are using a Tier3 standard compliant data centers to offer you the high level of security and best uptime for IT infrastructure

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Virtual servers rental

Try the advantage of cloud computing by creating unlimited amount of virtual cloud based servers and paying for only the resources and licenses you used

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Rent of Dedicated Servers

When choosing the rent of a dedicated server you will not have to think about buying a physical server, modernizing it, think about buying licenses

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Colocating your servers at our TIER III standards compliant data center you ensure ideal technical conditions for servers and stable network connection

Data center technical information

Server racks

We provide 474 server racks (height 2 089 mm x depth 1 030 mm x width 800 mm). A switch enabling connection of 24 Gbit/s ports and 3x 10 Gbit/s ports is duly installed in each separate rack in order to ensure interconnectivity of the various infrastructure components, as well as to allow connection to the external data transmission network. The rack is accommodated with 24 power sockets allowing also future expansion. Estimated capacity per rack – up to 7 kW; the capacity can be increased if required so by the customer. If required so by the customer, the rack can be also accommodated with a video surveillance camera, door status monitor switch, as well as with ordinary or double rack bolts.

Data processingcentre premises

The Lattelecom data processing centre is accommodated in conformity with ANSI standards and EuroNorm EN 1047-1 and 1047-2. It has a modular structure, allowing easy expansion subject to need. In addition to the equipment rooms, the Data Centre also houses warehouse facilities, which are designed for temporary storage of the equipment to allow its unpacking prior to installation. The Lattelecom data centre fully conforms to the relevant fire security standards, and is duly accommodated with fire detection and alarm system (BOSH).


The Lattelecom data processing centre has received TIER3 certification relating to data processing centre facilities, which includes zone-based segregation at the data centre perimeter, 24h security guard services, combined RFID - biometric access control, as well as remote video surveillance and archiving of video recordings. The data centre is duly accommodated with an automatic fire security system, enabling extinguishing with inert gas. The data centre building is connected to alarm and Building Management System (BMS) by which to monitor the building\'s microclimate, power supply, door status sensors and other parameters of the existing technical nodes.


The conditioning system is based on a highly power efficient free–cool technology by which the data processing centre facilities are cooled, using as much intake air as possible without using additional conditioning system capacity. The operation of the vents and pumps is monitored, considering the quantity of the necessary cool air intake, and using inventory management technology. Conditioning is enabled using Fritherm-20 (35%) refrigerant, as well as new generation freon R401 which is more environment friendly, and by which to ensure efficient operation of the data processing centre cooling systems even if the outdoor temperature is as high as +50C, as a result of which the estimated data processing centre power usage efficiency (PUE) constitutes 1,1 -1,3. As stated in TIER 3, the data processing centre is duly accommodated to achieve N+1 redundancy of the systems, which allows full suspension of one system to allow its repair or maintenance without affecting the operation of the data processing centre in whole, and ensuring 99.98% availability of the systems.

Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

The data processing centre is duly equipped with two fully independent high quality UPS systems, which conform to TIER 4 and provide additional security, enabling dual and symmetric operation of all of the equipment installed within the data processing centre and permitting no overload of the Latvenergo network, and no transmission of distorted sound or high frequency noises over the power supply chains of the equipment. Coefficient of performance is flat, regardless of the capacity, reaching 96%.

Diesel generators

The 2N-configuration diesel generator system of the highest (TIER IV) Uptime Institute standard has been installed in the Data Processing Centre. The System No. 1 is made up of three simultaneously functioning SDMO 2460 kVA diesel generators, while the System No. 2 is the 2400 kVA Caterpillar diesel generator. Exhaust gas conforms to Euro 4; noise level is no higher than 80dB which is ensured using special sound muffler systems. Fuel tanks are appropriately accommodated to ensure autonomous fuel feed. The tanks contain as much fuel as is needed to ensure autonomous 24h operation of the data centre with no fuel recharge. Each diesel generator contains an embedded tank, as well as two additional double-wall tanks located in a separate room. In addition, a special fuel recharge panel is installed, enabling filling in of the tank from outside.

Power supply

The necessary power supply within the data processing centre is ensured, using two independent medium voltage cables that are connected to the Latvenergo high voltage substations and to two independent data centre distribution frames. A special medium capacity substation with dry-type transformers has been set up to meet the needs of the data centre, reducing the risk of spreading the fire. All data processing centre electrical installations are laid in, using copper cables with fire-proof insulation. All medium and low voltage equipment is brand new and conforms fully to the EU security standards; their estimated shelf life is no less than 40 years (up to 2050).

Data transmission network

Two fully independent fibre optic inputs are installed within the data processing centre, enabling two routes through which to lay two (and more) fibre optic cables to two separate Lattelecom core network nodes. These core network nodes are used to enable access by the data centre customers to quality Internet, high-speed data transmission channels and transit capacity services with high service availability levels. Transit services are provided using DWDM technology, enabling n x 10 Gbps. The data processing centre provides direct access to the BalticNet infrastructure across the Baltic Region, enabling also access to the Trans Baltic Gateway linking Frankfurt with Moscow with transmission rates up to n x 10 Gbit/s. All Lattelecom data processing centres are interconnected via a fibre optic loop, which provides double guarantee with respect to the security of data transmission services.

Physical access

Access to the data processing centre rooms is provided 24/7 by an onsite data processing centre administrator.